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From: Jake Toksmer
Subject: College and Grad School 19Hi all - once again, thanks for your support and all the emails. Sorry
it’s taken me so long to get another chapter written down; things have been
hectic and busy.
Chapter 19: HA METPO (Na Metro - On the Metro)It’s fortunate that simple phrase can be written in Cyrillic using the
Roman alphabet.Where I lived, in an older part of the city, was easily accessible by the
St Petersburg Metro and the various bus lines that ran all over the city.
My bus in particular was a trolley-bus, an old electric bus connected to
overhead wires. These are actually more common than I realized in cities
all over the world, but the St Petersburg ones were a first for me. Mine
was the Number 10, the Desyatka.Now, many people have heard how the Moscow Metro is essentially a work of
art. I wouldn’t know other than the pictures I’ve seen, but I would agree
with that statement. The St Petersburg Metro, however, was no work of art.
It’s one of the finest systems in the world and some of the stations are
extremely nice, but on the whole it’s nothing special. I wouldn’t say it’s
not worth writing home about - because I did.The stations are located almost a quarter of a mile underground. I assumed
it was because of the water table - the city was built in a swamp on
reclaimed land and, since it’s called the “Venice of the North,” who knew
how stable it actually was. But I asked our tour guide on one of the many
tours we took why the system was located so far below. Her response, which
was in that brusque, almost caricature-like voice, “It is part of Russian
national security.” And that was it.So Jamie, as I mentioned, lived in Primorskaya. She had wanted to see
where I lived, Top Preteen Models
though, and came over. She had a few choice things to say,
admitting she was living in the lap of Top Preteen Models luxury compared to me, and that our
toilet paper had “the distinct feel of tree bark.” Well aware of the
nerve-endings around my hole, I knew all too well what she meant.She and I went to dinner and then to some type of concert. I honestly
can’t remember what it was at this point - I went to a concert or the
ballet or the opera almost every night. But Top Preteen Models
afterwards, I went back with
her to see her place. It was very nice - it was pretty nice compared to US
standards, but by the standards I was experiencing in Nadia’s place, it was
heaven!Although I found out that they didn’t have hot water during the summer. As
a resident of the old part of the city, I was entitled to certain
luxuries… my water might be brown and could give me hepatitis, but at
least it was hot.I eventually headed back towards my place and went to get on the Metro. It
was basically empty, too. It was quite late, and I sat down and pulled out
a book from my backpack - I borrowed one from Jamie since I’d given all of
mine to Vova - and it was a nice long train ride and as late as it was I
was hoping I’d finish an entire chapter, but at the next Top Preteen Models station a really
attractive Slavic man boarded the train.He had dark hair and blue eyes, and looked a bit like Alexei Nemov… but
it wasn’t him (wouldn’t that have been niiiiiiiiiice?) - Nemov is happily
married (alas)!But he was about 5′10″, dark hair, blue eyes, and a stern gaze. He looked
really, really hot in his tight black t-shirt and tighter still black
trousers. He looked like he kept in shape, but nothing dramatic… just
bulges where they should be and flat spots where they should be, too. I
was IMMEDIATELY caught staring, but quickly looked down at my book and went
back to reading.I looked up as he sat down across from me. He gave me the little nod,
acknowledging my presence while not indicating anything else beyond that,
though I felt like there was some kind of twinkle in his eyes.I went back to reading. Well, I tried. I couldn’t help but look back up
at him.He seemed to be staring at me, and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. He
didn’t look away when I met his gaze. I tried reading again.After the next stop he got up and crossed the train to my side, sitting
down next to me. He looked at my book and then asked me in heavily
accented, yet perfectly clear English:”You speak English?”"Yes, I do,” I replied.”I saw your book… are you English, or American?”"I’m actually American.”"Really? I’ve been to America. I went to school there… an exchange
program at University Texas.”I remember specifically he left out the “of” but it didn’t matter.I introduced myself and told him I was from Atlanta. His name was Nikolai
(Kolya) and he was from a city further inland from St Petersburg.We talked the entire ride back, missing my stop but getting off at the one
next, Ploshchad Alexandra Nevskovo. Kolya got off the Top Preteen Models subway, too, and we
just kept talking as we walked back towards my place. I was having a
really good time and admiring his good looks was certainly a bonus.I agreed to meet him the next day for lunch. I was surprised to show up
early and find him already waiting. We went to a restaurant around the
corner and then walked around a bit. We walked through a marketplace where
I got a few items for my family, and then started to head back. He walked
with me all the way back to Nadia’s, so I invited him in. She was at work,
and I figured it’d be fine to hang out with him.I wasn’t expecting anything, but I sure was enjoying looking at him. His
body was so tight and I didn’t need much of an imagination to guess at what
he looked like underneath the same black clothes he was wearing the night
before.We sat down on the couch for a little while, watched a bit of tv. I was
mesmerized by the Stimirol ad for sugar-free gum. It was so bizarre, made
more so by the few shots of vodka we had.I got up to put the items I bought at the market away in my room. Kolya
followed me, though, as I walked through the door. I put the stuff away
and then turned around and Kolya was reclining on my bed.”It’s kind of old, this bed, yes?”"I think so. It’s my host-mother’s, but I’m not sure. It’s not very
comfortable, is it?”"No… you sleep in this… this pit here?”I laughed and fell onto the bed next Top Preteen Models to him. It was barely big enough for
me, so having the two of us on there was a tight fit. But one thing about
the rest of the world is personal space is much, much smaller, so he didn’t
move a bit when I plopped down there on the bed with NO space in between
the two of us.I rolled over onto my side and said, “It’s not very comfortable, but it’s
not terrible. Small, but probably only meant for one person… for two,”
and I paused, “you really need to lie on your side.”And he did.We laid there on our sides staring at each other, barely three inches
apart. We were talking and laughing and then at one point we stopped and
just stared at each other. I looked at him and into those gorgeous blue
eyes. Not knowing how he’d respond, I put my hand on his hand, and then
slowly ran my hand up his arm, gently squeezing his forearm and then his
upper arm. That muscle was really well defined and really a big turn on.He didn’t flinch, but instead smiled.He moved his hand right hand from his hip and moved it over to my left hip,
then slowly slid it up, but instead of to my arm, he grabbed the hem of the
t-shirt I was wearing and slid it up, wrapping his hand around my now bare
waist. He pulled me closer to him as I put my hand behind his back and
pulled him in towards me, and we kissed.It was slow, closed-mouthed. When we broke apart it was only for a second
before we locked lips again, this time mouths wide-open so our tongues
could get to know one another.I rolled him onto his back and we ran our hands all over one another. He
quickly pulled mine off over my head, and then I raised his up and started
sucking on his nipples. His chest had just the smallest smattering of hair
on it, but definitely more than me. I ran my tongue all the way down his
smooth, slightly furry belly to his navel, then right back up the middle of
his chest between his pecs. I jumped right over the shirt bunched up there
and we kissed again. I was straddling him as he reached down and undid my
belt, then unzipped my jeans.He had his hand down my underwear and while we made out he stroked my
quickly stiffening rod.When Top Preteen Models we paused for some air, he took the opportunity to slide my jeans and
my underwear down, exposing my ass and freeing my dick. I rolled over onto
my side and off of Kolya and finished kicking my pants and briefs off,
tossing them to the floor. I pulled off my socks while I did that, and
turned back to Kolya. We instantly locked lips again.We frenched for a few minutes and then I started kissing and licking his
neck. He tilted his head back to let me and emitted what I would describe
as half-moan. While I kissed the sides of his neck and sucked at his
little earlobes, I undid his belt and black jeans, and started to slide
them down. I paused, though, and grabbed his shirt to bring it up over his
head.I rolled back on top of him and looked Top Preteen Models at his chest. He was really, really
hot and built very well. He may or may not have worked out, but if he
didn’t, he was blessed with quite an outstanding physique. I couldn’t
resist and went back down on his chest, worshipping his nipples while
stroking his dick through his jeans. He was very hard and I could feel it
throb ever so slightly as I licked and kissed his chest.After a few minutes I sat up a bit and put my hands into the waistband of
his black trousers and slid them down, leaving him in his socks and a tiny
little black brief. His cock was straining at the fabric and there was a
small shiny spot at the top - he was leaking right through his underwear.Not wanting to waste anything, I quickly slipped my hands into his briefs
and quickly pulled those off as well. His dick was making a mess on its
own, dying for some Top Preteen Models kind of release.It was the first uncircumcised penis I had ever encountered in real life.
It was different, definitely, but nothing too spectacular.He quickly pulled me towards him and we locked lips again, hands running
all over one another, our dicks rubbing up and down against each other.After a few minutes I pushed myself off of him Top Preteen Models and knelt there in between
his legs. He raised up to kiss me and then laid back down, raising his
legs up and putting them over my shoulders. I didn’t waste any time and
grabbed some moisturizer that I had kept by my bed - mainly for dry hands,
but this use worked quite well.I put some on my hands and slicked up my dick. I put some more in my hand
and then ran it along his ass, pushing as much of it into his hole as I
could. He breathed heavily as I pushed a couple of fingers in, then
reached up and grabbed me by the back of my neck, pulling me down to him to
kiss him once more.I sat back up and then slowly pushed my stiff rod into his ass. He sucked
in quickly as I did that, throwing his hands up above his head and closing
his eyes.I started slowly sliding my dick in and out of his ass, not bringing it all
the way out but just enough to where it was a good long slide for both of
us. In, out, in, out… for a few minutes, building up a very slow, very
long rhythm. Then he moved his legs from off my shoulder and around my
back, and as I started to slide back in he pulled me in quickly with is
legs, grunting as I fucked him.So I picked up the pace. I slid out slowly, but then rammed back into him,
eliciting grunts and moans from this handsome Slav in front of me.His dick laid rock solid, Top Preteen Models flat against his stomach. Not having experience
with foreskins I was tempted to mess with it, but also a bit afraid of
it… you know, you’re comfortable with what you know. At least I was.I kept fucking him, pounding him harder and harder. After several minutes
of this he put his hand on my stomach and pushed ever so slightly, so I
stopped, pulling all the way out. He sat up in front of me and kissed me,
then rolled over onto all fours. I got up on my knees and slid back into
him, but not holding back at all I rammed my dick into him full force,
grunting myself as I did so.”Aahhh, da! Da! Yes, more, more!” Kolya cried, slipping in and out of
Russian and English.So I fucked him as hard as I can, pulling all the way out when I could and
slamming back in. Eventually I stood up, squatting over him and ramming my
cock into him before ripping it out again. Grunts, moans, and sweat
abounded as he started to leak pre-cum onto the bed. He was clenching his
ass with each thrust, trying to make this even harder and rougher than I
could make it alone.I slid in and out some more until he picked one hand up off the bed holding
him up and started to jack himself, quickly and roughly, while at the same
time suddenly making no noise at all. It was like he was holding his
breath, and he didn’t make a sound - it Top Preteen Models
was my moans, the sounds of my body
slapping his ass as I slammed into him with each thrust, and nothing else.I couldn’t hold back any longer - it had been all summer and though I had
jacked off plenty, sex is just so different. And I blew a huge load into
his ass while he Top Preteen Models kept stroking his own dick. I slowed down at that point,
falling forward onto him a little bit. He supported me just fine, and
picked up his own pace.After a couple of minutes of stroking himself he shot his load, the force
of his ass clenching down on my dick and forcing it out of his hole.He shot his wad straight at the bed, hitting the pillow and the place were
my shoulders normally lay at night. He pushed back into me quickly and
went right down to it, lapping up all of Top Preteen Models
the cum he just expelled from his
body. He was so into it and his own jizz I imagine he didn’t even realize
I was there for the next few minutes.Satisfied he had cleaned up all of it he could, he rolled over and laid
down on his side, then pulled me down next to him and held me close. We
made out a little bit and then just laid there, calming down and coming
down off of a very rough, very fun little bit of fucking.We talked for a little while, talked about how much fun we’d had, and then
started to clean up. I got up and grabbed my towel, bracing myself for the
fact that I really needed to shower in that awful bathroom and that brown
water. I asked Kolya if he wanted to clean up and he ran his hand along
his ass, picking up a bit of my cum that had leaked out.”No, I do not think so. I feel very good right now,” he said, and licked
his hand before getting up and putting his clothes back on. That last bit
was a bit much for me, but he was clearly enjoying himself.He wrapped his arms around me in a big bear hug and kissed me on the side
of the neck. He said he’d get in touch with me if he could and turned to
go. I followed him to the door and said goodbye and making sure he had my
email address.Never heard from or saw Kolya again, though I was only in Russia for
another week or so, so there wasn’t much opportunity. Still, I’m always
going to remember Kolya, the Guy I Met HA METPO.
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